Week1 Update

With the team in place, it’s time to start thinking about the route.

My initial thoughts were along the lines of the “Way of the Roses” Sustrans route. Then I thought as my parents live near Scarborough, it would be nice to personalise it a little bit and change the finish point. I also noted that parts of the Way of the Roses were off road on mud tracks – fine on mountain bikes, not so on road bikes with 700×23 tyres (note to self, investigate 700×25 touring tyres. Comfort > speed) so need to avoid those sections. A rough route is starting to take shape, I’m sure this will have plenty of tweaks over the next few weeks.

Next step was to look at accommodation, we aren’t doing it in a day so will need somewhere to sleep. This actually goes hand in hand with route planning as once the stops are in place the route becomes 3 shorter routes as opposed to 1 longer route. Overnights in Morecambe, Burnsall and Stamford Bridge chop the trip up nicely with the shortest day (mileage wise) over the hills of the Dales and the longest day across the flatter Vale of York. Reservations made and that’s another tick on the to do list.

None of this matters though if I’m not physically ready for the ride. A combined 4 hours on the trainer (including a virtual climb up Alpe D’Huez) this week has hopefully given my body something to build on. Pretty happy with how things are going so far, which generally means there’s a spanner floating around somewhere – I’ll worry about that later….

Week1 Update
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