What’s in a name?

Team Rocky?

When I was first diagnosed with bladder cancer I felt like I’d been floored. When the initial shock had passed, I likened it to being hit by Ivan Drago.  I was also determined I wasn’t going to stay on the canvas, I was getting back on my feet. I’ve always been a fan of the Rocky films (well the first 4). Rocky always gets back on his feet, he gets hit again, he hits the canvas but he always gets up. Always goes forwards. Never gives in. I decided my fight with cancer was going to be “Operation Balboa”. I knew I’d have set backs. I knew I’d get knocked down. I also knew I’d get up and fight back.

This ride is my stare, in between rounds, my look across the ring to say “you might have had me on the canvas but I’m still here, I’m still fighting, you can’t break my spirit”

So “Team Rocky”? Only one choice really..

What’s in a name?
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