Week 5 – Ups and downs (not the hills)

A hard post to write this week, surgery means I’ll be off the bike for a few weeks. Very frustrating as I’d just started to feel like I was getting into a groove. My training was all planned and now that’s gone to pot. But (and there always has to be a but, positivity must always overcome) by the time I’m ready to ride again the evenings will be getting lighter, the weather warmer and I’ll be able to focus more on outdoor endurance than general fitness. I’m figuring the former will simply lead to the latter, and if not then I have to put in the hours until it does. I’ve been told that my initial treatment wasn’t successful so I need to have another course. This will make balancing things difficult but as I’ve said before, if it’s easy it’s not a challenge.

In other news, I’m delighted to say that on Wednesday night I (or rather you) met my initial £1000 fundraising target. I say initial but that’s not quite true. At the beginning I’d hoped to raise £250 but didn’t add it as a JustGiving target as I thought not achieving it might be demoralising. I passed that within the first 24 hours and was persuaded by friends to set it at £1000. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d reach that (ironically as I was laid in the hospital recovery ward!!) , and now with 4 months to spare it’s been passed. Needless to say I will be moving the target upwards!!

Lastly, but certainly by no means least, Team Rocky is not just about my cycling challenge. On Thursday evening my parents hosted a fundraising event comprising an antique challenge, presented by a local expert. Over £350 was raised on the night, so a massive thank you to all who gave their time and also to the businesses and individuals who donated raffle prizes and helped make the night a massive success. It really is appreciated.

Weds night, target met!!
Week 5 – Ups and downs (not the hills)
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