Week 4 – Living on the (Garmin) edge

I’m starting to have a love / hate relationship with my little training buddy, the Garmin Edge. I downloaded a bunch of training plans from British Cycling – if they’re good enough for Wiggo they’re good enough for me – and programmed them in. I’ll paste the link below if anyone wants to try them. I’ve been trying to concentrate on the leg speed exercises to get my legs going again, all well and good and good fun until the Garmin cadence sensor decides to disconnect. “Cadence too low”, beep beep beep says the unit as my 120rpm is suddenly recorded as 0rpm for a few seconds before suddenly springing back into life. When it works properly its brilliant and really kills the boredom of indoor training but if I can’t fix this bug it will have to be returned.

Training Plans

I also had my bike serviced this week. Since buying it 3 years ago I’ve always been underwhelmed by the 105 group set – one of the main reasons for choosing that bike over the Ribble alternative. Now it’s been tweaked and set up properly all I can say is “wow” it’s so much smoother and easier to ride. The clunking and grinding of gear changes is now a thing of the past, lets hope the performance is passed on to my legs..



Week 4 – Living on the (Garmin) edge
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