The Final Countdown

Well, we’re almost there.. Back in January, when I launched Team Rocky, July seemed an age away, now it’s just 3 days.

Preparation has been chequered and I’m probably about a month behind where I wanted to be. That being said, I followed my first 50 mile ride on Thursday with another 57 on Friday.  Throw in 20 miles of walking over the weekend, thanks to Armed Forces weekend being held in my hometown, and that’s where I am.

IMG_1859 IMG_1858

Thoughts over the past couple of weeks have been primarily about logistics – I have lists of lists. Getting people and kit in all the right places at the right time has been somewhat challenging but I think we’re just about there. Finalising the route has taken a while, as we will be accompanied by a support van, taking some of the official route’s cycle paths is not an option but neither is randomly choosing a nice looking B road – believe me I’ve done that in training and been greeted by many a farm track – so where possible I’ve ‘walked’ the route thanks to Google streetview – hopefully they haven’t changed too much since the camera car went along them…

Away from bike riding and onto the reason I took on this challenge, this week sees the publication on the 1st issue of “Fight” magazine. The magazine is produced by the team behind the Fight Bladder Cancer charity and is aimed at anyone affected by or working with bladder cancer. Hard copy versions will be available for delivery for a small subscription charge, alternatively a digital version can be found at  – have a read, it really is very informative.


After reading that, if you would like to support this cause, don’t forget you can still sponsor me using the link on this page. I’m so close to my target, and to hit £4000 before setting off on the ride would be a massive boost.


Thanks for reading.



The Final Countdown
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