Let’s face it. If you’re going to break down it’s going to be in the arse end of nowhere at the furthest point away from home in freezing temps.. Running over a sharp stone on a descent at 29.6MPh leads to blow outs. I always carry a spare inner tube when I ride, so no problem I thought, I’ll just swap it out and worry about the repair when I get home. What I didn’t factor was how tight the tyre was on my new wheelset. After half an hour of trying to prise it off and 2 destroyed tyre levers I had to admit defeat and call for a taxi to come and rescue me. Trying to explain to the dispatcher where I was was interesting –

“what’s the name of the road?”

“It hasn’t got one..”

“Can you see anything near by?”

“Errrr sheep??”

An hour later, I managed to direct the driver to my location and start the drive of shame home.



I finally got the tube swapped and tyre back on some 7 hours later. I think I’ve got the technique sussed now though, having said that my thumbs and palms were red raw. Let’s see how it goes next time I’m cold, wet and cross at the side of the road..

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