A Month to go

June 1st, supposedly it’s summer outside – I think somebody forgot to tell the weather man!!

What June 1st also means is it’s exactly 1 month until the start of my Coast to Coast.  Just 4 more weekends, 30 more days, however I break it down it seems way too short. I feel massively under-prepared. My training, although ticking over, has got me nowhere near where I want to be at this stage. I haven’t done enough miles, I haven’t  done enough sessions and my knees are very sore whenever I cycle a distance.

Taking the positives, I have 4 more weekends, 30 more days to actually get where I want to be. The football season has now ended so no more distractions on a weekend, no more excuses to not get the sessions and miles in. From now on, I think I need to change my outlook and go for quantity. I need to get miles into my legs and I need to focus on riding back to back sessions. Recovery days are all well and good but when days turn into weeks I’ve got a problem. I’ve found motivation difficult over the past few weeks and any excuse to not ride seems to have been taken. Seeing the calendar tick over has given me a bit of a scare and focussed the mind on what I need to achieve.

Feel free to give me a motivation boost by clicking the “Sponsor Me” button on the right – I’m very close to my target. Shares also help (and don’t cost).

A Month to go
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